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Discussion in 'ES-sential Hollowbodies' started by Biddlin, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Biddlin

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    Friday night I played a tinkle the crystal goblets gig. My friend of 50+ years and the first working musician to let me sit in on stage asked me to do a set with his new quintet, doing some original tunes (mine) from our 1990's jazz group and some slick smooth jazz arrangements. I decided to take my Gibson N225 for only its second trip out into the world. The place was pretty packed and I saw two buddies Mike and Terry, good jazz players and longtime critic/fans in the back, but didn't have a chance to say hello before the gig.
    Afterward they came backstage and were amazed when the saw the little N225.
    "I thought you must have been playing a Les Paul custom or Lucille." That thing sounds huge."
    I knew that.
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  2. SAguitar

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    That's quite a nice compliment!
  3. Biddlin

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    It really is the most utilitarian guitar I've ever owned. I go from Wes Montgomery to Jeff Beck on it with a click of the switch.
  4. SAguitar

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    What an incredible tool to have in your arsenal! From just looking at it, I would not expect that.
  5. Infant

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    Other than when you posted a photo of it a couple of years ago, I have never seen nor heard of that model before. I never realized it could be so versatile.

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