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Discussion in 'The Epi Center' started by ALLsteven, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. ALLsteven

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    So I got a Epiphone Les Paul tribute plus recently (my second one) this one the fretboard does not look like rosewood. It looks too light colored and the grain just doesn’t look like rosewood. So I decided to ask epiphone and they weren’t much help. They just said it’s rosewood as the description states. But it doesn’t look that way to me. My other tribute is definitely rosewood. This one is not in my opinion.

    I’ve also got a epiphone SG G-400 pro and that fretboard is black but doesn’t look quite like ebony. So I’m wondering what woods these are just out of curiousity. Especially the tribute model as I would like to try and darken that wood a little bit. Any help would be awesome. Maybe some ways to help identify what woods these are, tho I know it may be hard! Thanks!

    PS first post here so hopefully I’ve done things by the books! ;)

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  2. Infant

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    I don't know....looks like rosewood to me. The material under the nut is unfinished mahogany and that's why it is so light..

    You have to realize that unless it is stained to match a certain colour, no two pieces of wood will be the same in colour or grain. I have an old Ovation acoustic and a Gibson ES 137, both with ebony fingerboards. The Ovation is black with no real visible grain where the Gibson almost looks like a very dark brown non-porous rosewood.

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  3. ALLsteven

    ALLsteven New Member

    Yeah the picture of the SG I removed the nut so I could see if the grain went All the way thru. I wasn’t sure if it was even real wood at first. Idk it’s just weird looking. Both guitars I have pictured in my post just don’t look or feel like my other rosewood fretboard guitars. They both feel very dense tho and you can’t feel any pores or anything. So they do feel nice to play on. They just didn’t quite look like rosewood that I’m use to. This is my other tribute which definitely seems like rosewood.

    But anyways, they could be some other species of rosewood they started using due to the cities regulations maybe. I was just curious what some other people thought! Just wish the one was a bit darker. But the way that fretboard feels I’m not sure how well it will accept some dye or stain

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  4. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Well the one without the nut actually does look like it could be an ebony fretboard. Grain looks similar to my ES137.

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  5. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    Hi, I agree with Rob, it looks like Rosewood to me as well, just a bit lighter.

    Personally I don't care what wood my guitar necks are made, as long as they play and sound good in my hands.

    I can understand manufactures having to try out different materials due to the impositions passed on by the likes of CITES
  6. ALLsteven

    ALLsteven New Member

    Yeah that’s what I was originally thinking it was, something new due to cities. But the one may just be “cheaper” ebony and the other just lighter rosewood that got polished up more. Cause that was the biggest thing I noticed, that lighter board is super smooth. It was so smooth at first I thought is this a fake fretboard veneer on a $800 guitar?!? Lol so maybe that’s what threw me off a bit.

    Anyways I was just curious cause I would like to stain that one board a touch darker and wasn’t sure how different boards take staining. That guitar is darker blue on the body and I think the lighter fretboard just doesn’t quite fit. Still looks great but think it would look even better if it was just a bit darker.

    Here’s a picture of the whole guitar compared to my other tribute with the much darker rosewood board.

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  7. jimilee

    jimilee Member

    I have a gold top les Paul tribute T, the rosewood neck is extremely light colored, even after oiling, it’s just one of those things.

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  8. ALLsteven

    ALLsteven New Member

    Yeah looks like I’ll be living with it, it plays and sounds great so no big deal! Just wanted some other people’s opinions. Now if I could trade these nickel covered Gibson 57 classics for some zebra 57 classics it would be perfect. Love the look of some zebra pickups in a les Paul.

    Thanks everyone for the advice!

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