What model and year is this?

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  1. tadbennett123

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    This is the most beautiful guitar! It was on the cover of Guitar World in December 2017. It’s Pat Smear of the Foo Fighters. I guess it’s some Es-335 model from the 60’s maybe, but I love the cutouts. I’ve never seen them pointed like that. They never said exactly what it was in the article. Do any of you experts out there recognize it? Thanks![​IMG]

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  2. MitchMiami

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    I’m not certain but it looks like a custom shop cross between an es-355 and a Johnny A signature model. [​IMG]

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  3. tadbennett123

    tadbennett123 New Member

    Thanks, I thought about a Johnny A, which is very cool. It did look like the closest. Have you ever played one? I was thinking maybe this was a Custom Shop “one off.” Different f holes and a variTone switch, plus stereo inputs.

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    There was a Trini Lopez model in the 70's or early 80's that had those sharp cut outs, but I think it had the six-on-a-side headstock. Just guessing though.
  5. tadbennett123

    tadbennett123 New Member

    Interestingly, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters was holding a Trini Lopez Signature model in that same cover shot. It’s pretty cool looking too. It’s supposedly his number 1.

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  6. jimilee

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  7. tadbennett123

    tadbennett123 New Member

    Thanks so much! That may be the same guitar. I thought it could be a one-off. I can’t see if it had a kill switch, because that part of the guitar is blocked out on the cover of the magazine. I’ve always been a Les Paul man; so what is the difference between a 335 and a 355? It boggles my mind that nothing was mentioned about the guitar in the very long article. Thank you again!

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  8. Jeffytune

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  9. tadbennett123

    tadbennett123 New Member

    Thank you so very much! Mystery solved! It’s amusing to me, or maybe sad, but in the Guitar World article that I copied the phot from, the band discusses their latest album, and mentions the point that Dave Grohl was going for some different sounds in the album. His band mate and owner of this beauty, Pat Smear says, “ I brought in some Les Pauls, and other big, cumbersome, weird guitars.” This is one of the big, cumbersome and weird, I guess. It’s fantastic to me!

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