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    Newbie here. Not sure if this is the correct place for this question, since it is about Les Pauls, SGs, and others. It might be long, so I apologize. I never played. Can do maybe a few chords. 17 years ago, bought a Yamaha Acoustic beginner package. Had trouble playing chords and notes. My instructor told me necks differ and I found a no name acoustic I traded for. Immediate difference. Took a few months of lessons with no problems. Then my wife, at the time, bought me a MIM Strat I wanted. Bad move, because I couldn't play many chords on the neck comfortably. Some not at all. My mistake, not learning from my acoustic experience. Not I found the no name acoustic, in my garage attic. Again, an immediate difference, SO comfortable even simply holding the neck moving my fingers up and down, not even playing. I would like to now get an electric to practice, Les Paul or SG, etc. SO, here's a crazy question. Can I bring this acoustic to a local shop, and then have someone who plays, or a setup tech, look and play the neck, the be able to recommend something to me? Or I must try many guitars on my own? I know Gibson has slim tapered and round necks, Fender has D, C, V next, etc. I wish I know what this was to narrow my search. Thanks in advance for any advise.
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    Hi and welcome to this place.

    You could try and take your acoustic to a local shop, but You would be lucky to get 'good' advice.

    Best thing to do is try as many guitars as you can until you find the one that sounds and, more importantly, plays good for you.

    I am lucky in that neck sizes do not bother me. I have LPs that have wide 'baseball' like necks and those that have more modern slim 60s style.

    Good luck


    This is a decision that nobody can make for you. Don't even let them try. Go to your nearest guitar shop and start playing different models until you find one that suits you.
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    What they said....
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    Thanks for your replies. Appreciate it. I went to Sam Ash this morning and handled some SGs and LPs. Both Gibson and Epi. Wow!! Just what I am looking for. Nice, wide, and flat feeling, necks. Didn't wan't have the salesperson look up which had the 50s round neck, and which slim tapered, since I wasn't buying, but each had slime tapered. Slim??? Those SGs are WIDE!!! And I loved em. Can't wait to buy one. Not to mention Sgs a lot lighter than the LPs, which weigh a ton.
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    Well there ya go, Eddie! Welcome to the madness, and enjoy the pursuit.

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