Yeah ! New Ceamtone pickguard !

Discussion in 'Les Paul Discussion Page' started by GibSG, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. GibSG

    GibSG Member

    I' m very happy, Creamtone build a new white pickguard for me, this part is awesome, historically correct.

    The new pickguard is thick, and bevels are 60° :cool:

    :razz: :D


  2. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Looks like a perfect fit for your SG!
  3. GibSG

    GibSG Member

    Thanks, this SG Standard Ltd is great, the ebony fretboard is fantastic.
  4. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    What pickups are you running?
  5. GibSG

    GibSG Member

    Pickups are stock, Gibson 490R / 498T, I love them.
  6. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Hah! After trying a bucketful of pickups, I have gone to a 490R / 498T combination in my SG and I am loving all the tones I can wring out of that plank.
  7. shupe13

    shupe13 Member

    Old thread I know but damn that’s awesome!

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  8. GibSG

    GibSG Member

    Thanks my friend

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